Marsis CG - Web & Desktop Client

Marsis CG
Channel Branding with Desktop & Web Client



Marsis CG, is new generation CG solution with Web Designer and Web Controller.  Marsis Channel Branding solution has Standalone and Server Client versions. Multi Channel and  Multi Layer Channel CG with Data management tool. CG has wide range of object support like static text, image, roll, crawl, animation, clock and video. Marsis CG is integrated with Marsis Playout for automated graphics playback.

Web Design & Full Control

Marsis CG has web gateway which allows all registered users to access web CG client. No need to install client any more for CG design or playout control. All Marsis CG - Playout - Ingest & MAM servers can be controlled through web interface. Customers can simply login to their Marsis CG, create or edit any graphics template and send to engine without using any thrid party application.    

Real Time Web Monitoring

Marsis CG has web client for monitoring CG Desktop client. All graphic elements are instantly populated in the web interface. System Managers or Graphics Departments can easily see the actual used graphic element and preview - approve CG elements before going on air.  

Design Area

Marsis CG is designed not only Master Control Operations but also Live Production. Design area allows instant changes and access for the pre-designed templates. Supported objects are Text, Image, Roll, Crawl, Clock & Animations. Marsis CG also supports Mov Video with alpha channel for extrenal Key& Fill. Dockeable user interface allows users to design thier work area. All windows can be arranged based on the operators needs. In the design area users can work both Preview or Program Mode.  

Object Properties

Each and every object in Marsis CG has related properties for advanced adjustment in the design. Unicode and multi language support allows users to have different text and crawls in the same page. Software can also pull data from any text source. All Other formats are converted via Marsis Data Provider free tool comes standard with Marsis CG. All objects can be designed and monitored from web CG client as well. 

Video Preview

Marsis CG has built in preview window which operators can check new coordinates of the updated object or new added graphic element. Preview gives the the abilty to create new designs without interrupting CG playback on the main output. Video Preview also helps Desginer to create graphics events based on duration and schedule. LIve preview of the CG scene allows desginer fine tunning on the graphics projects.


Multi Page logic allows play graphics instantly. Pages also helps users to make new design in real time without disturbing the Live Output. Page numbers can be renamed for easy recall.