Marsis Logo Generator


Marsis Logo Generator
Channel Branding with Desktop & Web Client



Marsis Logo is new generation CG - Logo  solution with Web Designer and Web Controller.  Marsis Channel Branding solution has Standalone and Server Client versions. Multi Channel and  Multi Layer Channel CG  - Logo with Data management tool. Logo Generator has wide range of object support like static text, image, roll, crawl, animation, clock and video. Marsis Logo is integrated with Marsis Web Control Panel for instant manual graphics playback.

Web Design & Full Control

Marsis CG has web gateway which allows all registered users to access web CG - Logo client. No need to install client any more for CG design or playout control. All Marsis CG - Playout - Ingest & MAM servers can be controlled through web interface. Customers can simply login to their Marsis CG, create or edit any graphics template and send to engine without using any thrid party application.    

Real Time Web Monitoring

Marsis CG - Logo has web client for monitoring CG Desktop client. All graphic elements are instantly populated in the web interface. System Managers or Graphics Departments can easily see the actual used graphic element and preview - approve CG elements before going on air.  

Logo Web Control Panel

Marsis CG Logo is designed for Master Control Operations as well as Live Production. Web Control Panel can instantlu play pre-designed templates. Supported objects are Text, Image, Roll, Crawl, Clock & Animations.