Haber Global Chose Marsis Automation

Haber Global Turkey's News Channel Chose Marsis for NRCS, Playout, Ingest and Media Asset Management. 250 Users, over 1,5 Petabyte Storage, Multi-Channel Playout and Ingest Systems are managed by Marsis Automation.  


Cheyenne & Arapaho Television plays with  Marsis Playout - CG Automation

Cheyenne and Arapaho Television (CATV) is the first Native American-owned and operated broadcast TV station in the State of Oklahoma now on the air with Marsis Playout CG System. 

MX-1 Logo.png

MX-1 Uses Marsis for Channel Origination 

Leading global media services provider MX-1 uses Marsis Playout at their integrated & fully managed channel playout service for originating channels.


NRT HD goes live with Marsis!

The NRT Group has 7 HD Playouts and 3 Dual Channel HD Ingest solutions powered by Marsis. NRT TV is a News and current affairs TV channel owned by the Nalia company and is based in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq.

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