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Marsis CG is an easy to use and powerful unlimited layer Graphics Engine designed for TV Channels, Info Screens, Digital Signage applications and more.


Multi-Format 4K / HD / SD performance with external Fill & Key or IP Stream, NDI output Marsis CG can brand any screen with Marsis Playout Automation.

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A Powerful Channel Branding 

Marsis CG is a powerful and flexible channel branding solution integrated with Marsis Playout. Marsis CG can be used in the Master Control Room, Live Studio applications or remote installations. Unique design offers an easy and intuitive user interface for smooth operation. Marsis CG web clients allow customers to design and playback graphics remotely. 

Designed for broadcast quality playback and 24/7 operation
Unlimited Layers

Marsis CG has powerful engine allows users to create rich graphics with unlimited layer support. Marsis CG has a wide range of object support like static text, image, roll, crawl, animation, clock, and video. Marsis CG is integrated with Marsis Playout for automated graphics playback.

Desktop & Web Clients

Marsis CG has a Windows desktop for local and Web Clients for remote installations. Customers can log in CG and make any changes in real time.

Data Sources

Marsis CG can pull data from multiple sources such as XML, RSS feeds or Text objects.Tickers, Rolls, Crawls can be integrated with third party data source for automatic content update  

Pages & Object List

Multi-Page logic allows play graphics instantly. Pages also help users to make a new design in real time without disturbing the Live Output. Page numbers can be renamed for easy recall. Object list shows all available items on the work canvas and operators can manage instantly.

Built-in Video Preview

Marsis CG has built-in preview window which operators can check new coordinates of the updated object or new graphic element. Preview gives the ability to create new designs without interrupting CG playback on the main output. Video Preview also helps Designer to create graphics events based on duration and schedule. LIve preview of the CG scene allows designer fine tune on the graphics projects.

Unlimited Layers

Unlimited Layers provides  complex design graphic  projects  

Graphic Automation

Marsis Playout Automation integration provides secondary CG events. 

Social Media

The social data provider can pull and manage social media feeds

Multi Objects

Multi CG objects like Ticker, Text, Crawl, Banner, Animation, Video and Shape


Additional designer allows offline template creation 


Redundant Marsis CG can work in master back up mode for uninterrupted playback


Multiple Parallel Outputs SDI, UDP, RTMP Stream NDI out. SDI  Fill & Key Output.

Web User Interface

A complete web user interface allows remote editing or a new template generation

Intuitive GUI

Easy to use drag and drop objects offers intuitive interface 

Live Inputs

Internal Keying options from IP source UDP, RTMP or NDI and SDI inputs

Data Source

Multiple data source support from RSS / XML / Text with automatic updates

Project Templates

Project based templates allow to recall any CG and play in real time

SUPPORTED BROADCAST HARDWARE - Bluefish444 - AJA - Blackmagicdesign



character works

Chyron Graphics

Ross Video

Pixel Power



On-Air Graphics System

Motion Graphics System



Marsis CG has pages for managing all News Graphics. System can also manage Breaking News, News Tickers. Extra designer allows offline graphic preparation.


Marsis CG is perfect fit for Thematic channels. Separate designer can allow users to create Templates offline and send to on air CG fresh - news graphics. 


Marsis CG is designed to work with Entertainment Channels. Multi Layer and Multi Object support allows users to create stunning graphics on the channel branding.


Marsis CG can handle all Sports Data from multiple sources such as RSS - XML or Text. Multi objects help creating varios type of inter active graphics. 


Marsis CG can be controlled under Marsis Playout Automation or 3rd Party Playout or Traffic for secondary events displaying Singer - Song names.


Marsis CG can full-fill all requirements of Web TV. System can handle different CG elements  and offers easy use and interactive graphics.

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