Secure, Fast and Easy Media Asset Management

Marsis MAM is a fast and easy to use MAM solution for organizing your content with full custom metadata and category fields.


Unique web-based client system allows accessing your MAM from anywhere and any kind of device. Advanced search powered by search  engine brings extremely fast and accurate data in the entire system. MAM for TV, News, Military, Education, Security, Post - Production 

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A Scalable Media Asset Management

Marsis MAM is a scalable, simple yet powerful asset management for Video, Audio, Image, Document, and other formats. Completely customizable metadata fields, category, searchable video markers, Dynamic Folders, Fast and Accurate Search Engine offers a MAM system tailored to your needs. Integrated Web-Based Marsis Video Editor is a great tool for cut edits. 

Designed for multimedia asset management 24/7 operation
Multi Seat Platform

Marsis MAM is a powerful asset management system that can serve hundreds of people on the web interface. The multi-seat operation allows each user to access, preview, search even edit on the proxy files at the same time. MAM has a unique system design with scalable web servers, search engine and transcoders in the background 

Multi-Format Support

Marsis MAM supports almost all known broadcast and non-broadcast formats-codecs. System can manage Audio, Document, Image and other formats as well.

Web Video Editor

Marsis MAM has web-based Video Editor for daily cut edits. Video editor has Video and Audio tracks on the server-side editing. Users can do the edit on web-based timeline and export in MAM using transcoder server in the system. Marsis Video Editor is a great tool for News Cut Edit and Social Media Videos

Integration with NewsRoom and Automation

Media Asset Management is totally integrated with Marsis Playout Automation and Marsis News. Playout operators can log in MAM, search - browse and drag -drop files into playlist instantly. News reporters can upload or add files from asset management into daily rundowns. Reporters can do proxy cut editing on Marsis Video Editor.

Advanced Search Engine

Marsis MAM has a built-in search engine which provides extremely fast and accurate results. All users in system can use basic search or advanced search by narrowing down results. The system can bring results based on suffix or prefix search parameters.    

Scalable Architecture

MAM has scalable architecture starting from a single server to multiple archives and transcoding nodes

Custom Metadata Fields

MAM allows customers to create their Meta fields with different meta formats such as email, date, drop down

User Logs

All user actions are stored in the database. These actions can be filtered by admin

Storage Agnostic

MAM supports NAS, DAS, SAN Storage systems and iSCSI, SAS connections.


MAM offers complete security using web clients can access only permitted projects and folders

Export & Delivery

MAM can export any  kind of asset for web delivery or to be used in social media platforms

Fast and Easy

Designed for speed and multi-seat operations. Easy operation and maintenance

Built-in web editor

Marsis Video editor is timeline based cut editor which works on server side editing with proxy files


Complete 1+1 redundancy and high availability on MAM services and  Database replication

User & Group Permissions

All users can be managed individually or by grouping them under several groups.


System has transcoding  nodes for proxy generation and editing 

Integrated Playout & News

MAM has deep integration with Marsis Playout and Marsis News using a shared database 

Metus MAM

Catdv MAM

Etere MAM

Dalet MAM

Metus MAM

Si Media MAM



Marsis MAM can handle News Channel Stories with customizable Metadata and fast - accurate search engine for instant media access.


Marsis MAM has unique web-based clients to manage all content for different regions. Metadata fields can be customized for each region.


Marsis MAM can manage all content with integrated Advanced Scheduling and Playout.Category Based structure offers easy and fast media access. 


Sports Channels can use Marsis MAM and Marsis Playout for accessing archived any material and put on air instantly from the storage. 


Music Channels can organize all of their Media based on Category, Genre and necessary Metadata like singer and song names. 


Marsis MAM can be part of Web TV workflow with Social Media Sharing options including Facebook - Youtube and other popular platforms.

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