Simple, Instant Story Telling Solution

Marsis NewsRoom is a new generation high-end flexible newsroom computer system designed to meet today's complex news workflows.


Marsis provides collaborative storytelling, advanced news wire, and social media data management. Full control of the Rundowns, CG elements, Prompter Script, and all other platforms. 

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High End Newsroom Computer System 

Marsis News is flexible and easy to use newsroom computer system. Totally web-based and redundant architecture offers high availability for mission-critical 24/ 7 news operation. Integrated with international news agencies and social media platforms for news gathering. Marsis News is suitable for large or small TV Channels and News Networks. Multi-Language and Multi-Location system is accessible from anywhere and anytime. 

Designed for 24/ 7 News Channel Networks 
User Friendly Interface

Marsis News has an extremely easy user interface providing all information in the unique design. All Social and Newswire data with breaking news from agencies and story creation on the main page allows fast story creation. 

Multilingual - Multi Location

Marsis News has multi-language support for the editors so they can focus on Story telling. Reporters on the filed or remote offices can directly login web based system and write all Script, Text, CG texts even they can upload their news videos. 

Detailed History and Logs

Marsis News allow Chief Editors to oversee all changes in the story including Script - Text -CG and Videos. System Admin can pull all necessary user and history logs for a specific time, user or news ID.

Industry Integration

Marsis News integrated with major international / local news agencies like Reuters, Associated Press, DHA, IHA etc. Marsis News can control and manage Marsis Playout and CG as well as Third Party playouts and on air graphic systems.

Real Time On Air Graphics Control

Marsis News offers total control on Air Graphics. Editors can manage all content including Ticker, Breaking News Ticker, Breaking News Spot and Split Screen Graphics. Editors can handle all graphic elements from their Marsis News CG tab.  

Multi Language

Editors can use Marsis News in their local language and focus on story creation.

Prompter MOS Support

Marsis News works with any MOS compatible Prompter such as Auto Script, Auto Cue etc.


Editors can track all changes in the story and compare versions in the history

Multi Location

System is designed to work in multi location including remote offices via public internet.

Quick Story Creation

Editors can even create a story in the rundown for breaking news or last minute updates.

User Logs

System admin can monitor each and every action by user, time or action based as run logs

Easy Interface

Marsis News developed with reporters and editors contribution so it has a very easy user interface.

Flexible Rundown 

Bulletins or News Programs can be handled in the flexible Rundown Management


Marsis News DB and service has redundancy for uninterrupted service. Disaster Recovery scenarios also available.

Third Party Integration

Integration is available with Third Party Playout and Graphic Systems. 

Social Media 

Marsis News is integrated with popular Social Media Networks


Marsis News can be customised for customer needs and OEM applications

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Marsis News especially designed for News Environment. Story Telling is now much easier and accessible from anywhere in the world. Integrated MAM and Playouts with 3rd Parties.


Universities can use Marsis News for their Closed Circuit TV Channels. Journalist and Editors can experience real-world workflow in during their learning stage. 


News can be part of Prime Time newscast handling multiple stories created during the day. System can manage breaking news or last minutes changes.


Sports Channels can use Marsis News managing all Sports News and have full control over the Stories as well as interactive on-air graphics with our 3rd party CG vendor partners.


Marsis News can be used for the acquisition and distribution of the raw news footage. News Agencies can benefit from unique features like sharing and web-based editing.


Marsis News can be utilized in the News Website environment from story creation to publishing, managing news wire and social media platform feeds in the web user interface.

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