Playout Automation for MCR, Studio, News, Cloud, Web TV

Marsis Playout can be used as a standalone unit or database driven workflow automation product in Master Control, Studio, News production or web TV applications.


Multi-Format, Multi-Channel Automated Playout provides multiple SDI / IP / NDI streaming in 4K / HD / SD simultaneous outputs. Designed for complex schedule handling and instant on-air editing, trimming and repositioning.

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A Flexible Playout Automation Solution

Marsis Playout is designed as a flexible solution for Automated Playout, Production Playout, Studio & News applications as well as Playout Centers, Teleports, SNG & OBVans, Public Access, Education, Government Channels, House of Worship, Digital Signage applications. Marsis Playout can be used in Standalone units like Channel in a Box or part of a complex Broadcast TV automation workflow.

Designed for broadcast quality playback and 24/7 operation
Multi-Channel Operation

Marsis Playout allows users to manage multi-channel multiseat operations with its unique single point web-based utility manager.

The system provides all details in the simple, powerful user interface for easy and accurate playback. Multiple Counters, Event Counters, Color-coded event and category based grid makes Marsis Playout intuitive and easy to use application.  Built-in Search Engine, optional integrated Media Asset Management offer instant access to content for Playout. 

Multi-Format Support

Marsis Playout can play different Video formats and containers in the same playlist. Also, it can play image files based on duration.


AVI, MPEG(PS/TS), H264/MPEG-4-AVC, HEVC(H265), MOV, Quicktime, MJPEG, DV, AVC-Intra, DVCPRO, XDCAM,  DNxHD,  MXF,  GXF,  LXF,  MKV,  FLV,  WMV/ASF,  ProRes, 3GPP, Divx, Xvid, F4V, Sorenson, JPG, PNG , BMP etc...


AAC, ATSC A/52A (AC-3), ATSC A/52 E-AC-3, FLAC, MP2, MP3, ALAC, Ogg Vorbis, Wav, ADPCM etc...

Desktop / Web Interface

Marsis Playout has both Windows Desktop and Web User interface. Marsis Playout has easy to use layout for operators designed for both monitoring and managing the Playout Operation. Built-in Search, Multi Counters, Countdown to Events, Playlist Tab, Hot Keys, and Live Preview are some of the features. Playout operators can trim, edit and re-position any item in the playlist during the on air. 

Advanced Scheduling

Marsis Playout comes with Advanced Scheduling feature. The system can resolve complex Overlap and Gaps with internal calculations based on events, video duration, and playlist rules. Web-based Outlook style scheduler allows users to make a monthly, weekly or daily playlists. Operators can schedule weekly episodes or media files in an easy way. One button find and replace can make a change in the whole playlist.

Built-in Media Trimmer

Marsis Media Trimmer is standard tool in the Playout for cutting head and tail or creating segments of any selected media. Trimmer window allows operators to monitor audio and set in - out points for playback. Partial segment for commercial breaks. These are non-destructive play in-out points which can be modified anytime. It's possible to move frame by frame for most accurate trimming points. In the Playlist, the system shows original and trimmed duration. Media Trimmer can change field orders, allows audio level adjustment even basic color correction of the selected content

Standalone or Server-Client 

Standalone or Server-Client design offers reliable and flexible channel management with desktop and web client interfaces.

Closed Captioning

Closed Captions are Standard in Marsis Playout.

608 and 708 CC are supported with SDI output.

Video Resize & L Shape CG

Playout can do Video Resize and Integrated CG can overlay L Shape Graphics based on schedule.

User Permissions

User & Group permissions allow management of  active operators in the entire system.


Marsis Playout can be configured in 1+1 or M:N redundancy options with Automatic DB replication.

Auto Fill

The system can fill GAP automatically based  on rules in the Auto Fill in the settings in the playout. 


Multiple simultaneous SDI / IP / NDI outputs with different frame rates and resolutions.

Router Control

Video Router and Matrix control for all major brands like Blackmagic, Imagine, Harris etc.

Hot Keys

Customizable Hot Keys for frequently used Media, Logo, Events, Live and CG Overlays 

Live Inputs

Live inputs can be SDI input or IP Stream RTMP / UDP / NDI. Even URL playback from YouTube is supported.

Graphic Automation

Marsis Playout can trigger MarsisCG and 3rd Party Channel Branding Systems. Secondary event support.

Asrun Logs

Detailed As Run Logs including Events helps reconciliation what is planned and realized.


Youplay  , Axel

Playbox neo , Airbox Neo

Easy Onair Playout

Vmix Video Mixer


Channel Box

Xeus Playout

Video Server


Pebble Beach Playout

Playbox , Airbox Playout - Bluefish444 - AJA - Blackmagicdesign

Blackmagic DeckLink 8K Pro , DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G , DeckLink Studio 4K , DeckLink SDI 4K , DeckLink Mini Monitor 4K , DeckLink Mini Recorder 4K , DeckLink Duo 2 , DeckLink Duo 2 Mini , DeckLink Quad 2


Marsis Playout perfect fit for news operations in news channel. Marsis Playout has news playback mode and integrated with Marsis Newsroom and other NRCS solutions.


Marsis Playout can manage Thematic Channels in different regions. System has built in Subtitle Overlay with SRT support. 


Marsis Playout has all Automation functions included for reliable playback. Advanced scheduling can manage resolving complex events including Auto fill and gap. 


Sports Channels can use Marsis Playout and Title Manager CG. System can record and pass through Live Sports events and manage re-runs.


Marsis Playout has special feature for Music Channels including Automatic Singer & Song Title, Coming Up Next, Category based Playlist, Auto Fill - GAP and Video Resize L-Shape CG. 


Marsis Playout and CG has built in web TV Streaming encoder. Social media, CDN, YouTube Streaming is included.

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